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We are certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coaches

We work with both single and married men and women.

We have a passion for helping you remove the stress, anxiety, shame and guilt surrounding sex – so you can get your sex drive back and your current  relationship back on track, or start something new!

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Welcome from Lola and Charlie O:

I have always felt that our relationships are the most important thing in our lives and well worth the effort, whether with ourselves or those we care about.


I have also been fascinated by the dichotomy of sex being good or bad. You can’t have life without sex, then why all the shame around sex? I love bringing these two topics together to find a more enriching and fulfilling life.


XX Lola

Sex should be fun, and it’s tough to have fun with this topic sometimes. It’s all mysterious and can be full of weird questions.


We started putting this duo together with a group of friends when we finally started discussing some things about sex and love. We found we all had some of the same experiences and talking about everything makes it so much better!


XX Charlie O

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