Can Jealousy Wreck Your Marriage?

We’ve all felt jealous a time or two. But do you think jealousy might be taking its toll on your relationship? Are you fed up with the internal emotional rollercoaster of being constantly suspicious? Or, is your partner accusing you when you haven’t done anything to warrant this threat? The polarity can feel cavernous and you may find yourselves worlds apart from one another.

Where does this jealousy feeling come from? It can come from a feeling of unhappiness and anger caused by a belief that a loved one might be unfaithful to you in a partnership or friendship. Jealousy can cause some intense emotions that can snowball into suspicion, mistrust, and doubt, to say the least.


We may become preoccupied with the fear of betrayal. We might start checking up on our partner constantly, trying to “catch them” in the act. We might even become possessive of that person. But, don’t let jealousy be the demise of your relationship when it could be something simple as checking to see what you are bringing to the relationship first.


Have you had an unfaithful partner previously? Do you have a fear of abandonment coming from your past? These are the likely culprits from long ago showing up in your current relationships. If you are willing to peer into these thoughts you may find some settling on the matter. If you still find you are jealous then it’s time to have a designated communication time to see if something is being overlooked. We don’t always see our behaviors and a caring partner can help point you in the right direction.


Don’t be afraid to unearth those old emotions that may have become buried and haunting your current relationship or friendship. This could be the very thing that saves your marriage and your sanity. With awareness and a shift in perspective, you may find there wasn’t anything suspicious going on, but it was an old fear playing out in your current relationship.

XX Lola

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