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Relationship Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers You meet the man of your dreams, get married, and plan to have a family and stay married for the rest of your life. A dream come true. Right? You’re elated when your first child comes along, and your husband helps with nightly feedings and diaper changes on the weekends so you can …

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The Big O

  Ladies, it’s time to get to know how lucky we are as women! It’s cause for celebration that women have no refractory period like men (30 minutes on average), and we can have multiple orgasms in one single session. Women may experience a brief clitoral sensitivity after orgasm, but that doesn’t mean we have …

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Can Jealousy Wreck Your Marriage?

We’ve all felt jealous a time or two. But do you think jealousy might be taking its toll on your relationship? Are you fed up with the internal emotional rollercoaster of being constantly suspicious? Or, is your partner accusing you when you haven’t done anything to warrant this threat? The polarity can feel cavernous and …

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Cheating: Hot Topic!

Cheating is a violation of the relationship agreement. It is the greatest relationship killer, even greater than finances. Some would say this violation goes beyond repair and even a deal-breaker. Although the reasons for cheating are different for each person, the reasons can be rather complex. What’s at the root of the cheating mystery and …

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Are Vulvas Taboo?

The pretty Vulva seems to be a mysterious part of the female anatomy. It gives life; however, very little is known about it to most vulva owners and non-vulva owners. In fact, upwards of 60% of women don’t know how their vulva works and have never seen it with a mirror. Doctors aren’t taught about …

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What Does A Woman Want?

This is probably the most asked question from men. I laugh when I think of the time I told my husband that I thought I was pretty simple, at least compared to most women. Meaning, I’m not high maintenance. He laughed and said, “NO you aren’t.” I was surprised because he really gets me, or …

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