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Do you wish your younger self knew what you know today? The older generations have so much wisdom to share and the younger generations are asking the questions. Today we have the lovely Allison asking what so many her age are wanting to know. We love empowering this upcoming generation to shine and stand tall, and never feel shame.

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Episode 19: Are You in a Relationship with a Narcissist?

Do you have questions about your relationship? Do you wonder if it’s you that’s crazy? 


If you’re not sure and things don’t seem to add up, you may be with a narcissist.


It can be hard to know because they are such great actors. They believe their own lies and don’t dare challenge them or they will show their anger and may lash out from their deep repressed anger. 


Here are some warning signs of a narcissist: Superiority and entitlement, an exaggerated need for attention and validation, a lack of responsibility, boundary issues, fear of intimacy, and lack of empathy just to name a few. 


You won’t find them working as a team or in a partnership, because this would make them vulnerable and they can not be truly vulnerable. This is not only hard on you, but can be particularly difficult for the children. 


If you are looking for support from 2 ladies that have lived a narcissist lie for too long, got out, and recovered then this episode is for you. 

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In today’s podcast, we have a fun topic! Super light-hearted. A little bit of history. And we want to talk a little bit about the first woman’s vibrator because there is an amazing history there. Thank goodness, we have had ways of taking care of our needs since the 1700’s.

My husband’s favorite band is Steely Dan, and Steely Dan is named after a vibrator. Then they became steam-powered, and later an electrical appliance you could order from a catalog. Women started to own their pleasure.

I am honored that you ladies are here and that you’re willing to talk about this unique subject because we are here on the patio.
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Great book –

Comedy skit about Men & Women –

In today’s podcast we meet up on the patio with Barb and Gut Girl to discuss breaking through and letting go of superficial friendships, and friendships that don’t serve you to help you reach your highest potential.


Let’s find YOUR TRIBE!
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In today’s episode, we are talking about What I Wish My Mom Would Have Told Me.  I don’t know about you ladies, but my mom never talked about sex and relationships. I was going in blind.  Today we go from gender roles to getting caught with your boyfriend in high school.

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Exploring adult toys should all be a positive experience and trying new things and finding out what you like and as well as what your partner likes. Women’s toys are fun to experiment with to find out what satisfies you. From beginner to pro, we’ve got it all!

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Today’s podcast is a big topic. Are you in a relationship and you’re wondering if it’s right, or is it just me? Is it them? 
We know there are issues, but what about the what-ifs?  We are talking about some warning signs and red flags that signal a divorce. 

Episode 13: Thinking About Moving in Together? Communication is Key.

Moving in together can be a very exciting time. It can be an overwhelming time all at once. What we want to do is not let it get too overwhelming.

Are there any red flags? Red flags usually never turn green. This can be a big step if you don’t communicate.
What are your relationship goals? Join us on the patio!

Trying new positions can keep things fresh and keep it exciting in the bedroom. In today’s podcast, we talk about several positions and the how too’s. We discuss our favorites and some we would like to try. Meow. What is your fave position and why? Come join us on the patio!

Today we’re talking about what women really want. Men are often perplexed by this question and by defining it for yourself you will be empowered. Knowing what you like in a man will give you the confidence to choose the right man for you, or help you remember why you choose your significant other. Learning what lights you up will keep it more exciting.  Join us on the patio! 

Episode 10: Sex-esteem. Comparing yourself to others or to someone's Instagram is not a good idea.

Sex-esteem is about working on your self-esteem. We all have parts of ourselves we’re not in love with. We offer some advice on how to become more confident in life and in the bedroom while loving and accepting yourself. Come join us!

Episode 9: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies: Fun Fantasies! How to Normalize, Discuss and Enjoy them.

Today we want to talk about fun fantasies. They pop in your head randomly it seems. We want to normalize them to some degree and make this a safe space to be able to talk about them and not feel ashamed or feel guilty for having them because they are a part of your sexuality blueprint. Fantasies are psychologically and completely normal.

Episode 8: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies: Yes, No Maybe to Create a Discussion and Improve your Sex Life

Today we’re gonna be talking about how a Yes, No, Maybe… list can turn your sex life around. It might be the single greatest trick to improving your sex life. Whether you’re single or partnered, it’s important to approach these topics and set some personal boundaries for yourself, and then create a discussion with your partner.

Episode 7: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies: How to Survive the Holidays with the Inlaws

Tis’ the season, but let’s not deck the In-laws! The holidays can be stressful. Let’s start the season off right with some sage advice from some lovely ladies we met up with at a wine tasting. These ladies have been there, done that. Grab a glass of wine and join us on the patio!

Episode 6: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies: Are Pheromones and Aphrodisiacs Real?

You may have heard about pheromones and wonder how your personal scent will attract your ideal mate. And, how can aphrodisiacs really enhance your mood for sexy time? In today’s podcast we talk about your scent and setting the mood with juicy and delicious edibles.



Episode 5: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies: Viva La Vulva

The Vulva never gets enough attention. A lot of people commonly call the vulva, the vajayjay, or the vagina. The vulva is the whole female genitalia. It’s a whole network and some highly erogenous zones. Let’s clarify and get some facts about the vulva in today’s podcast.

Episode 4: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies, with Guest Caitlin Parker LCPC

Relationship goals to relationship issues. Today we discuss the struggles that couples go through and how to get back on track. Communication is key. Let’s start the conversation.

Episode 3: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies, with special guest Kayleen- Online Dating after 40

Courses ImageOnline dating can be intimidating and overwhelming. Today we discuss different options for your desired lifestyle. The Do’s & Don’ts, tips to stay safe, and ideas so you don’t waste your valuable time. Have fun and get out there!

Episode 2: Patio Talk with the Shady Ladies, with special guest Aja - What is Cheating?

What is cheating to you? Have you been cheated on? Did your partner know they were cheating with their actions? We talk about defining different activities that may seem like cheating you so you start that conversation with your partner, but first, you have to define them for yourself so you can set safe boundaries.

Episode 1: Keep it Exciting - and Communicate Your Needs with Your Partner

Sexual wellness is important and in today’s episode, we talk about how to Keep It Exciting with fun tips to fan the flame. Keep exploring and keep it exciting!

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