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Couple's Questions

All couples have questions. New couples, and established couples. Ask us what’s going on with your significant other and we’ll try and give you some insight.

Q1. Lingerie Choices

Billy from Massachusetts, married. I buy my wife lingerie, but she will never wear it. I think it would really help our sex life, but she doesn’t seem to care. What should I do?


Billy, you are correct that lingerie can help spice up your sex life and keep things interesting and fun for couples that may be looking to keep it exciting. We recommend before buying her lingerie you might consider asking her what she likes? Women sometimes feel self-conscious and may have a preference for the style of lingerie they wear. She may also be feeling performance anxiety by your gift. Ask her what she would like to do to keep it exciting in the bedroom, and you might find she could surprise you with something you might not have thought about. Let us know how it goes Billy. 

Q3. Wife has Cancer

James, Orlando, FL. My partner and I don’t have any physical touching or sex since she got cancer. I don’t want to leave her but, I miss touching or kissing or cuddling or sex. Should I find a FWB? Please, if you can help me it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


James, it is understandable that you would like intimacy from your partner. However, she is the one that needs love, patience, and kindness at this time with her health issues. If you were in her place would you like her to go behind your back? We recommend having some communication time so that you each can share your concerns/needs from the relationship. Put this time on the calendar and don’t miss it! 
Let us know how it goes.

Q2. Should I Just Fake it?

Sara, Sacramento, CA. I just started a new relationship. We had sex for the first time after 5 weeks, and I did not “finish.” I don’t want to seem needy, but I don’t want to fake it and then never orgasm. How do you teach a new guy old tricks?


Sara, own your own orgasm. Your partner isn’t responsible for your orgasm. Never fake it, so yes, you would be missing out. Wanting to cum during sex isn’t needy whatsoever. You teach a new guy old tricks by communicating what your needs and desires are. Most men love to give their woman pleasure, they feel proud when they make you orgasm. 

Single's Questions

We were all single once, and may be again! Ask us about dating and breaking up. What sexual situations are you facing as a single person and how can we help?


Samual from Denver, divorced. I am recently divorced and I’m looking for something sexual with less commitment. What are the rules for FWBs? How do you find one?


Samual, first we would like to applaud you for being clear about what you want. This will help head off disappointment in the future for either yourself or others. There are many sites that target FWB that are easy to find with a quick search. Try a few sites out to see if it fits what you are looking for. The main priority is to always be upfront at the beginning with your date or hook-up. Remember to always practice safe sex. Let us know how it goes Samual.


Dora, Birmingham, AL. I am widowed of 5 yrs and considering dating, but things have changed. How do you talk to a date about when to expect sex? Do all older men want younger women? 


Dora, don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want from this relationship. He will likely be glad you set boundaries and will know what to expect. If he gets too pushy then all you say is, next. Some men do seek out younger women and that’s ok, they aren’t what you’re looking for anyway. Get out there and have fun! 

Self-Love Questions

Treating yourself with respect and understanding is the foundation for all healthy relationships. You are the only one who can start. What are your issues with yourself today?


Greg from Santa Fe, NM.  I have never cum from oral sex. So many people rave about it, but I have had few partners over the past 6 years try… and it’s never worked. I masturbate a lot, did I break it and will never feel what that is like? 


Greg, if you can ejaculate with masturbation and penetrative sex then you didn’t break it and yes, it’s possible to experience what it’s like. There could be a number of things going on here. How long are you having oral sex? It may not be long enough for you to orgasm. You can try visualizing your dream experience. This isn’t cheating even if it isn’t about your partner. We recommend talking to your partner about what you would like to experience, and she may find just as much pleasure from your pleasure. Give this a try and let us know how it goes Greg. 


Sam from Houston, TX. What are a few of the best toys for a guy, and how do you keep them clean?


Sam, satisfy your desires with an ultra-soft masturbation sleeve with internal ridges by Pure Romance. We also like Get a Grip by Pure Romance with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Remember your lube, wetter is better. We’ve included a fun tingly lube just for you. They sell cleaners as well and we’ve included the links below. 

Relationship Issues

What is holding you back from living the sexual and romantic life you’ve been thinking about?


Andy from Pensacola. I have a couple of mutual friend “situations.” The problem is, one of my graduate school-age daughters (25) moved back home and is now cramping my style. I love her and don’t want to introduce her to anyone right now. The ironic thing is, I let her have her boyfriend stay once in a while, so I’m the celibate one. What are your suggestions?


Hello Andy, congratulations on raising and supporting your daughter at this time in her life. It won’t last long and you’ll likely not regret sharing this time with her even if it puts a damper on your sexy time. We think this time with your daughter will deriving more pleasure in the long run than a role in the sack. There are a couple of options we can offer, however. Find out if there is a weekend your daughter will be away for a trip or with her boyfriend and use that time to plan to have your friend over. You can also plan a “vacation” (wink wink) and you go away for a night or weekend to experience the freedom you’re looking for. We hope this helps Andy. Let us know how it goes.


Becca from Santa Rosa, CA.  My kids, 13 and 10, found my dildo. What do I do? How do I explain it to them? 


Becca, masturbation is important for sexual wellness. You may not have been ready to have this talk, but this is the perfect opportunity to explain that your wellness is a priority. Your kids will be comfortable with it if you are. Let them ask questions after you open the door. Let us know how it goes. 

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